dimanche 13 avril 2008

Les drones de Capitola : la suite.

Source : Fox News.

It’s been almost a year since a swarm of dragonfly drones descended on the internet, but despite numerous attempts to eradicate the pest as hoax or viral marketing, it lives on and on.

Last week, Ben covered a new development in the long-running drone saga, reporting that the Open Minds Forum had hired Capitola, California private investigators Frankie Dixon and T.K. Davis to find the drone in the photo “Raj” posted on Craigslist last May.

The no-nonsense P.I.s had immediate success grabbing headlines, but as late as two days ago, the shamuses claimed no progress in their case. They were continuing to ask the public for help in locating a telephone poll in the drone photo that they hope will identify “Raj’s” home in Capitola.

Dixon told the LA Times, that he’s become an expert on utility poles:
“Like fingerprints, he says, each pole is different. Some carry only telephone wires. Others also have cable-TV hookups. Most, but not all, have short rods for climbing. He visited the power company with one photo — with the drone carefully edited out. He said he was working an auto accident. Could they tell him where the pole was?”

Pursuant to new leads on their own turf, the detecting duo have hit the road. Alien Casebook has posted a gallery of photos featuring Frankie and T.K. eyeballing “Chad” and “Stephen’s” drone sighting sites, based on photo evidence recently provided to Open Minds by non-pros working the drone beat.

That doesn’t mean we doubt their ability to crack the drone case. The pair of retired narcotics task force cops told the LA Times they had a strategy for success in alien territory: “Don’t buy into any far-fetched “Star Wars” theories. And don’t admit the case has anything to do with possible alien spacecraft. If you start talking about flying saucers, Davis warned, people will start closing doors.”

Source : Mysterious Universe.

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