dimanche 28 octobre 2007

Ils attaquent.

Monkeys kill Delhi dy mayor.

A monkey attack reportedly claimed the life of Delhi’s deputy mayor SS Bajwa on Sunday morning. Bajwa had been admitted to Apollo Hospital on Saturday morning after he fell from the terrace of his house in Sarita Vihar and sustained severe head injuries.

Though Bajwa was alone on the terrace when the incident happened and there was no eyewitness, family members claimed a monkey attack caused his fall.

The first-time corporator from Anand Vihar was admitted to the ICU of Apollo Hospital at about 9 am on Saturday. Bajwa’s personal secretary Pawan Bhaskar said, “The deputy mayor’s condition had been critical after the fall and he was diagnosed with multiple organ failure. He was put on a ventilator hours after admission to the hospital. He expired at about 10 am on Sunday.”

Bajwa, 52, is survived by his wife and two sons. He was a businessman and also Delhi BJP’s vice-president. His last rites were performed at Nigambodh Ghat on Sunday evening.

“Bajwaji’s sudden and shocking demise is an irreparable loss to the party and to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). He was a very close associate and we would always look to him for guidance on all vital issues. He had a very good understanding of the city’s needs and problems, though he was relatively new to the MCD,” mayor Arti Mehra said.

The ever-increasing simian population in the national capital has been a concern for the MCD for a long time now. Even the Delhi high court has on several occasions pulled up the civic body and the Delhi government for failing to curb the monkey menace. The simian crisis has been brewing in Delhi with no other state ready to give shelter to the capital’s monkeys.

Even high-security areas such as the parliament building and almost the whole of Lutyen’s are facing the wrath of the simians. Mehra admitted that the monkey menace in the capital has indeed assumed serious proportions but said the MCD was almost helpless.

“We have only two monkey-catchers and there are thousands of monkeys out there. We have also asked the Centre and State governments to transfer monkeys to sanctuaries in other states, but no state is forthcoming,” said Mehra.

Source : DNA India (21 octobre 2007).

La nouvelle sur Times of India et CNN.

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